Running a bakery with Emacs and PostrgreSQL

Amazing use of Emacs and Org mode in a bakery. A personal computer being used fully here in an integrated fashion rather than trying to shoehorn it all into a spreadsheet + word documents or something.


The digital native is a myth

A 2011 review for the Higher Education Academy in York, UK, put it bluntly, as the first of its executive-summary conclusions: “There is no evidence that there is a single new generation of young students entering Higher Education and the terms Net Generation and Digital Native do not capture the processes of change that are taking place”.

Well, duh, I could have told them that. Younger people do use technology in different ways to older people thats for sure. They use tech in odd ways, in ways that you wouldn’t expect. I have met young people who use tech in astonishing ways, however I have also met others who havent a clue. I think it’s time we stopped forcing lazy stereotypes on people. People are just people, some are good with new stuff, and some aren’t.

Emacs Sketches

Tiny sketch of Clevedon Pier

This is a quick and really tiny sketch that I did of Clevedon Pier the other day in my smallest sketch book. It was raining so I started it outside then ran for home to finish it.


(Posted from Org mode)


Test from org mode to WordPress

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 11.37.08

This is a test from org mode. I’m hoping that I can post to my blog from Emacs using org mode. I will post some updates soon on my use of org mode in Emacs, something I’ve been using for over 10 years in secret, like it’s some kind of illness…maybe it is!