Thoughts and rants

Facebook considered harmful – for me

road-nature-lines-country.jpgI’ve been thinking lately (again) about deleting my Facebook account. I’ve thought a lot about this in the past and have held back because, well, there’s the trans thing and I can get support there. But the support I was getting has dwindled somewhat over the last year or so as many of the groups I followed have disintegrated into somewhat of a chaotic state. And I’m getting worried about the use of my personal data by Facebook. See How Facebook’s tentacles reach further than you think for more information on this sort of thing.

Plus there is the whole Cambridge Analytica thingy and the fallout from that.

Im being held back because I have a lot of good friends on Facebook and also need to connect with my family.

So the question is, to delete or not delete?


Night time musings

Kept awake by neighbours having a party till well past four. Dog growling at them from beneath the covers. Sounds of car doors slamming and people laughing. Actually, it being the weekend I’m not that bothered. I can catch up on sleep today. Fell asleep again for 1/2 hour.  It eventually gets quieter. Only a clock ticking.

I dreamed I could fly, and showed some people in a large room that I could. I kissed a woman. She had three children. We sat and made a meal. I met her dad, he didn’t like me. He ate my food, inviting himself to dinner. I shook his hand and crushed it. Suddenly I had an attack of guilt. 

I wake with a painful face. I’ve now got more acne ( a breakout in the last few days) than I’ve ever had ever. I can’t believe it’s so bad.  Puberty redux (or puberty, the directors cut) sucks. I’m too old for all this !

Saturday. How can I get through today without wearing a sack on my head?