Whilst being ill yesterday and hiding under a…

Whilst being ill yesterday and hiding under a duvet I did a sketch in the sketchbook of all the items on my mantlepiece. Used a Prisma Micron 03 pen, my Lamy Safari fountain pen loaded with Kuretake sumi-e ink, watercolour and a Seawhite sketch book. This book accepts watercolour better than the Moleskine books, whichContinue reading “Whilst being ill yesterday and hiding under a…”

A CEOs guide to Emacs

https://blog.fugue.co/2015-11-11-guide-to-emacs.html There have always been certain industries and professions where people have used specialist tools, particularly tools that they can customise and even rebuild when the standard isn’t enough. Specialist tools require practice and skill to use, they need some commitment from the user. Emacs demands it. But Emacs with Org Mode is such aContinue reading “A CEOs guide to Emacs”

Blowing a gale out there

It’s proper windy outside, with the wind sounding like it does in the movies. I’m worried about the things blowing past. This is also the second night in a row of no sleep too for me, I’m going to be so tired tomorrow. This bling about getting up and doing some work. Happy winds day.