Thoughts and rants

Dog walk cold day

Not much to report, its been so cold and dark lately that painting in the back room upstairs, which is the only space I have available at this time, has become impossible to work in. In a few weeks time I hope to start painting again and also finish off the gouache I started before Christmas. In the meantime Barney and I decided a longer walk was in order.

We headed down to The Cut along the river and saw where the embankment had collapsed, destroying what was left of The Chocolate Path (so called because the paving surface looked like squares of chocolate). This is really sad because this walk and the path have been the inspiration for me both for photography and for drawing and painting.

RIP chocolate path – apologies bad mobile phone image

We walked across to Hotwells, and mooched about before heading back.

Falling into the water

This is what the path used to look like:

The chocolate path a few years ago (on the section where it collapsed)
Another shot from a few years ago on a sunnier day.
Between the bonded warehouses.

The mist and the gloom gave everything a really odd light. Almost like a filter applied to a photo in Instagram, but without the filter.

The area there has changed quite a lot with the new bus road, which was now empty because the buses have been re-routed due the embankment collapsing.

These walks in the cold with just a mobile phone to get photos with don’t produce images that are any good for photography, but are gold for capturing the feeling and the atmosphere that might one day be useful in a painting, which I’m always thinking about. I like to imagine I’m a scout for a film company, looking for new paces to shoot scenes for films that might one day get made.

Here is a quick shot of the (unfinished) painting as it stands.

Unfinished gouache
Thoughts and rants

No added sugar

I’ve made a sister blog site as a place where I can moan about things and post technical posts away from this one, so that I can focus on my art stuff here and not invade the timeline with technical articles and me whingeing about things. The site is called ‘No added sugar‘ and I hopefully explain why it is called that in the first post.

This site will host just my art work and discussions about art, so rest assured nothing will change here.

Thoughts and rants

Facebook considered harmful – for me

road-nature-lines-country.jpgI’ve been thinking lately (again) about deleting my Facebook account. I’ve thought a lot about this in the past and have held back because, well, there’s the trans thing and I can get support there. But the support I was getting has dwindled somewhat over the last year or so as many of the groups I followed have disintegrated into somewhat of a chaotic state. And I’m getting worried about the use of my personal data by Facebook. See How Facebook’s tentacles reach further than you think for more information on this sort of thing.

Plus there is the whole Cambridge Analytica thingy and the fallout from that.

Im being held back because I have a lot of good friends on Facebook and also need to connect with my family.

So the question is, to delete or not delete?

Thoughts and rants

Experiments in giving up Facebook

There is nothing on Facebook that is actually going to make me happier. It seems to be designed to show me stuff that is going to either make my blood pressure rise or make me sad. Occasionally there is a nice photo that someone has uploaded or some nice article about how they or their family are getting on, but on the whole it is a depressing place of adverts and spam and fake news and trolls.

Then there is Facebook spamming me with “alerts” that aren’t alerts and updates from people that they haven’t even posted themselves. Facebook is literally crawling over broken glass to get me to go back and look at its pages.

I’m taking micro breaks from Facebook to judge how I fare emotionally. And in my breaks I’m happier and less stressed. When I go back to it I usually find something to upset me in about 30 seconds of scrolling. That’s an upset I wouldn’t have if I didn’t go onto the app or the site in the first place. Hey, I figure if something bad happens then someone will find a way to let me know, right?

Anyway here is a photo of a castle.