Sketch 4 -boat at Hope Cove


Sketch n04 is a contentious one, as it didn’t turn out as I was expecting and in many ways was a big disappointment. However many people have liked it so I decided to keep it. Again, a one hour sketch (honest!).

Lessons learned: plan your picture much more carefully in future. Also, I don’t think that I needed to use pen, I think pencil would have been adequate as the pen seems to “set” the image too much. I also used too many colours so it looks a mess to me. Sky needed more thought.

Sketch 3 – Night Light


This sketch is of a metal night light. Again, a one hour sketch.

Lessons learned: work faster! It doesn’t matter if the shape is perfectly correct, its the colours and the effects that we are after, not a perfect representation. Maybe keep the “shiny” parts freer of pencil and watercolour glaze to make it look shinier.


Sketch 2 – Window at Blaise Castle


This one was a 1 hour sketch – I’m trying to limit the time I spend on these sketches so that they are quick to do and also so I don’t “overdo” them. I want them to be as free and fun as possible!

Lessons learned from this sketch: I couldn’t get the colour of the stone right, but that doesn’t matter here. Used a lot of salt on the sketch to try and get some texture in the stone, and it sort of worked in places.

New year, new habits


I’ve decided to _try_ to post a sketch every day, and so far this year I’ve managed it fairly well.  Ive been posting them to Instagram and Facebook, but it probably takes more sense to post them here and then share them to Instagram etc.

I will post them here again so they are at least on the blog! So here above is Sketch 1 – a watercolour sketch (of some watercolour…geddit?)


Next year will be different

People think they’re sharing fun things with their ‘friends’ because you get to choose by accepting people and don’t seem to fully understand they’re handing over their private data over to a megacorp and their data hoarding buddies.”

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