Experiments in giving up Facebook

There is nothing on Facebook that is actually going to make me happier. It seems to be designed to show me stuff that is going to either make my blood pressure rise or make me sad. Occasionally there is a nice photo that someone has uploaded or some nice article about how they or their family are getting on, but on the whole it is a depressing place of adverts and spam and fake news and trolls.

Then there is Facebook spamming me with “alerts” that aren’t alerts and updates from people that they haven’t even posted themselves. Facebook is literally crawling over broken glass to get me to go back and look at its pages.

I’m taking micro breaks from Facebook to judge how I fare emotionally. And in my breaks I’m happier and less stressed. When I go back to it I usually find something to upset me in about 30 seconds of scrolling. That’s an upset I wouldn’t have if I didn’t go onto the app or the site in the first place. Hey, I figure if something bad happens then someone will find a way to let me know, right?

Anyway here is a photo of a castle.


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