The dancers at the end of time

I have left Facebook (and Twitter) again. It might be permanent, it might be temporary. Who knows? I suppose it’s up to me. 

I want to make this blog into something a little bit more personalised than anything controlled on Facebook, with its arbitrary rules on what is shown and when and to whom. And I got sick of all of the nasty bigotry on Facebook, as well as the patronising rubbish and endless memes and gifs. We are the dancers at the end of time. We use technology like toys while all around us the world burns and people hate and die. 

We are the dancers at the end of time

I want something here that might be looking at things sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. But possibly with an eye to the future and how it might be rebuilt, and what that might take. Maybe a “Foundation” vibe. I want to observe the fall and chronicle it. And I want it on my terms, as it’s my blog and I’m paying for it. I hope that things here will be interesting.

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