Baofeng multi band handheld

Not many people know that I stil have an amateur radio licence from many years ago. It was commuted to a life licence over 10 years back so now I don’t need to renew it very often and it doesn’t cost me anything. Having it means I can use toys like this Baofeng. 

I haven’t switched in on for a while, but this thing is quite amazing (probably harmonics all over the place) but from where I am using it’s built in aerial I can open up both of the 2 meter repeaters that are in range. I am on a hill though so that helps. Last time I used amateur radio I was living about 5 house down the same street I’m in now. A long time ago when kit was very different.

Back to today, I thought most users had moved to digital voice but interestingly there a few people chatting on analogue both on 2m and 70cm bands. 

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